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In the second half of the 20th century, video and the artistic medium come into contact, expanding the former in particular.

The Bazar do Vídeo, a company founded in 1985 and dedicated to the commerce of audiovisual material, has been in contact with visual artists since the first moment, basically as a supplier of equipment, but quickly becoming a platform for advice and technical partnership, for those who couldn't find effective solutions to their problems related with technology.

In 1991, the partners of the Bazar do Vídeo acquired the Sociedade Óptica Técnica OPTEC, allowing the expansion of the structure's field of action to cinematographic production, equipment rental, training courses, and event production.

Since then, OPTEC also began to take charge of art installations in which video was the essential component, always maintaining a real involvement and presence with all those involved in the course of the construction of the works.

In this sense, in 2007 the essential figure of the Technical Director - João Chaves - was introduced into the team, who came to fill the need to have someone in the structure responsible for the entire operation, ensuring the maximum correspondence of the work to its founding concept, and also being responsible for the assembly and maintenance of the works until their last day of exhibition.

In the continuity of the progressive development of this performance, the will arose to create a service dedicated exclusively to art and artists, from the conception of the works, to their presentation to the public, and their subsequent conservation. Thus Balaclava Noir was born, in 2011, aiming to fill this gap in the area - by creating proposals and solutions for those working with this medium, which advances and transforms so quickly, with recourse to a high technical competence, as well as a no less central artistic sensibility.

Balaclava Noir begins its operation in the space belonging to Dig Dig, sharing that same space and simultaneously taking charge of producing the exhibitions held in the gallery. In 2017 it moves to Rua do Açúcar, where it is currently located; finding in Marvila a more spacious base, where it continues its work in the areas of consultancy, rental, installation, etc. It is also in this new location that it expands, creating and hosting projects such as The Room, a gallery dedicated to contemporary art in movement.

Balaclava Noir is born from the will to fill a gap in its field, one that would tend exclusively to art, the artists, and their work.

We propose an either complete or complementary type of service, resorting to a high level of technical competence, as well as the equally necessary artistic sensibility, in order to assure the realization of installations and exhibits. Our services cover project development, consulting, and exhibit assembly ; as well as rental of equipment, and conservational work of media, amongst others.

Ranging from greater institutions to more independent spaces, we promote and assure the dialogue between a given project’s integrating parts; communicating with artists, curators, and producers alike, with an ever present concern for protecting the artistic work, and equally integrating its surrounding environment.


We create and promptly develop proposals, solutions and even content under the leadership of a dedicated technical director, possessing comprehensive technical, as well as artistic, qualification.


Seeking to progressively develop a more faceted and multidisciplinary body of work, we vouch to also be present in every phase of a given project, closely following its evolution, parallel to that of a medium that so rapidly transforms.


Relying on a dynamic and specialized team, attentive to the characteristics and technical needs of the installation or piece at hand; Balaclava Noir highlights a conscious and provident work ethic, from the conception of a project, to its presentation to the public, and posterior preservation.

Rua do Açucar 76A - Armazém 26
Lisboa - Portugal

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